Big Homies House E:40 - Big Rich Homies

Nov 23, 2020, 05:00 PM
Big Homies House E:40 - Big Rich Homies

It’s episode 40 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this week, we got Big Homie Kamillion, Big Homie Skittlez, Big Homie Coco in the BUILDING!!

We had the homies in this week, to eat good food and discuss the success of Kamillions VIRAL hit, “Twerk For Me”! We also dive into the Gucci vs Jeezy VERZUZ battle,  Biden and his politics , and if you’d give Trump any Kitty !  

Also...are you getting your man a PS5??? Do you even like men that play video games???? And do we miss out on Good partners because of our physical standards???

 This weeks Homies are:


Million MAGA March, Gucci vs Jeezy, Verzuz, Jeremih, President Trump, President Biden, 2020 Election, Stop The Count, Kamillion, Twerk For Me, PS5, Mulatto, Good News, Meg Thee Stallion, Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving 2020, Friendsgiving.