S2 Ep 6: Sheep farming, 'Cull Yaw' and silvopasture with Matt Chatfield + foraging jelly ear mushrooms

Season 2, Episode 6,  Nov 29, 2020, 06:53 PM

On this episode we speak to sheep farmer Matt Chatfield. He is giving sheep that are no longer deemed fit for breeding, a great retirement and by doing so is producing probably the best mutton you will ever taste. His ‘cull yaw’ has actually been compared to jamón. Matt also chats about silvopasture, rewilding, regenerative agriculture, and farming in Cornwall. 
Fergus The Forager chats about jelly ear mushrooms, a common fungi found on the elder tree, giving us some great ideas for cooking them in both a sweet and savoury way. 
Matt mentions: 
https://philipwarrenbutchers.co.uk/ - his butcher in Cornwall 
3 foodie things on your doorstep: