#22 Jan Iceton from Smarter Selling to Smart Works

Dec 07, 2020, 10:00 AM
In the final "Building Better Leaders" podcast of the year, Rachael and John and joined by Jan Iceton who shares her leadership journey and experiences. 

Now Chair of Smart Works Greater Manchester, Jan has had a varied leadership career in positions in everything from FTSE50 global corporations to tech start-ups, working for corporate boards and for investors, and running her own consultancy business. 

She talks about building teams that need to move quickly from A>B. With strong sales performance her Transformational Leadership style is suited to qualifying leads and delivering complexed, large value business outsourced process (BOP) contracts on-time.

Jan’s Leadership Essentials:

  1. Create an inspiring vision of the future
  2. Motivate & Inspire people to engage with that vision
  3. Manage the delivery of the vision

Smart Works 

Smart Works (Great Manchester) a national charity with 8 centres around the UK. They provide a unique service to unemployed, disadvantaged women by personally styling them in a high quality interview outfit followed by 121 coaching to prepare them to succeed at their upcoming interview, during lockdown all services were successfully and quickly adapted to be fully online. In the year ending March 2020, Smart Works Greater Manchester supported 420 women and 85% went on the "get the clothes, get the confidence, get the job".  

Please show your support by joining their campaign to #givethegiftofchristmas and donate a small amount using the link below to help an unemployed woman gain the confidence and the skills she needs to succeed.