Andy King - Life Of A Premier League Champion - Jamie Vardy's Loosest Nights Out - Boring Gareth Bale & Misbehaving In The Ship

Season 3, Episode 8,  Dec 03, 2020, 12:01 AM

Onside Onside King

Today we're joined by the most succesful midfielder in Leicester City's history and of course premier league champion - Mr Andrew King. The guy is a living legend and gives us an insight into the secret goings on of the life of a premier league footballer; lots of coin, lots of chat and lots of misbehaving!

We Discuss;
- Gareth Bale hating Nights Out
- An Insight into a months long night out with the Leicester team when they won the Premier League.
- Nigel Pearsons obsession with taking the team out clubbing.
- His weirdest and most boring colleagues over the years.
- Misbehaving in Thailand.
- Missing the PFA awards to get pissed in The Ship
- Jamie Vardy's loosest nights out
- The reclaiming of his hair thanks to our sponsor - Sons
- The story behind is Whatsapp group - 'Burn Money Fast'
- Using a bottle of Bolly as a way to get a chicas number and much much more.....

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We also discuss - the reopening of pubs, manscaping, bitcoin, Christmas plans, a return to the triangle of terror and much more.....

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