Talking the Haunting at Home Paranormal Adventure with Jim Dean

Dec 11, 2020, 10:58 PM

What are the results so far of the Haunting at Home Paranormal Adventure? That's what we asked Jim Dean!

Jim Dean is the Creative Director of The Haunted Walk, a ghost tour company that operates in three cities in Canada: Kingston, Ottawa, and Toronto.

During Spooky Season, he contacted me about trying The Haunting at Home Paranormal Adventure. I did it with a couple of friends and had a blast!

Now the results are in. I was dying to know about one in particular: The majority of experiments, 74%, were conducted in a house or townhouse. 23% took place in an apartment or a condo. However, regardless of where the experiment was conducted, whether it was a house or an apartment, the percentage of groups reporting activity was the same: 67%.

What was up with that? I said if I got a chance to ask him, I I did!

But we also had a chance to also talk about The Haunted Walk and other activities they offer --or will again once this pandemic gets under control.

Among the other things we talked about was how The Haunting at Home is based on something they do on ghost hunts in haunted places. Including the Laurier House, where they also hold seances like a former Canadian Prime Minister, William Lyon Mackenzie King, did when he lived in the house.

Jim likened it to a real-life Haunted Mansion, and that was all it took. I was sold. Covid Be Gone! I need to take a trip to Canada and see this place for myself!

He also shared a ghost story involving two of the Haunted Walk's tour guides and an apparition at the Black Creek Pioneer Villag. One of the guides and a tour goer saw the woman in period clothing on the boardwalk up ahead of them, but the other guest and guide did not.

I also got a chance to ask him about the Virtual Haunted Campfires they also did during Spooky Season, which I thought was really clever and collaborative.

Jim is a phenomenal (and humble) storyteller. It was a great privilege to talk with him.

If you previously weren't familiar with Jim before this, you can also hear him on the podcast he hosts: Haunted Talks.

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