How to Kill a Revolution: Episode 27 (The Fred Hampton Assassination & The Story of Red Emma Goldman and the Palmer Raids)

Dec 21, 2020, 10:00 AM
On this very special episode of Beyond Reproach we are joined by Tim Cluff (@timatim_picpic), our podfather, sound engineer and personal savior. Tim steps out from behind the scenes to swap a scandal with us. We learn about the history of the brandy-based concoction known as the Sidecar and how it links to the era of Stephanie’s scandal.This cocktail is a spirited, elegant way to wrap up the year! Cheers to 2020 almost being over y’all!

ALSO DISCUSSED: Drinking every liquor with orange drink, Stephanie’s friend the sea witch, the Wizard of Oz, Bushwick Variety Show, Breonna Taylor, sturdy white men, SVU, The Third Wheel Podcast, Quad City DJs, Very Presidential podcast, Red Pepper, magic beans, #notallanarchists, PIV, J Edgar Hoover, and da club.

STEPHANIE examines the assasination of Fred Hampton, the first high-profile case of police brutality in American history.  We raise a glass, to the Fred Hampton quote— You can jail the revolutionaries, but you can’t jail the revolution. Power to the people!

TIM tells the story of Red Emma and the Palmer Raids. We toast to the brilliant immigrants who built this nation and the government that deports them!

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