Celtics vs. Pacers Preview, Myles Turner and Gordon Hayward Retrospective, Duke Women End Season

Dec 27, 2020, 04:52 PM

Duke women end their season and the Pacers and Celtics begin a two-game series.

The Duke women's basketball program became the first Power 5 basketball program to cancel its season, after COVID-19 cases halted their season on December 16. Former Celtics assistant Kara Lawson leads the way at college basketball's most important school, where eyes will turn toward Coach K and Duke, who had already suspended their non-conference schedule as Bobby digs into a month's worth of college basketball turmoil that could've been easily foreseen (0:00). Caitlin Cooper then joins Bobby (11:55) to talk about the War on Daniel Theis, a look back at the Myles Turner and Gordon Hayward trade talks that failed (15:13), who are these Pacers (32:00) and Caitlin's journey to basketball coverage (45:15). They wrap with a discussion on where NBA defense is going (1:00:00).