Where it all began. And a look at the Warminster Skyline

Episode 1,   Jan 03, 2021, 12:00 AM

In our very first episode Wiltshire photographers Glyn Coy and Paul Timlett talk about how the whole Hidden Wiltshire concept started, and the journey that led to the launch of the podcast.
We also talk about one of Glyn’s favourite walks and the hill forts of Battlesbury, Scratchbury and Cley Hill that dominate the Warminster skyline. Glyn explains how he caused a major international incident (well, an article in the Wiltshire Times) by posting a film clip of a moth, and tells the highly dubious story of the guys who throw pyrotechnics out of a plane over Warminster prompting all sorts of stories about UFOs.
The music in this, and hopefully all future episodes, is provided by the multi-talented Steve Dixon. This piece is entitled The Holloway.
Glyn’s photographs can be seen on the Hidden Wiltshire website and his Instagram feed @coy_cloud
Paul’s photography can be found on his website at Paul Timlett Photography and on Instagram at @tragicyclist
Steve Dixon’s sound art can be found on Soundcloud where his username is River and Rail Steve Dixon River and Rail. His photographs can be found on Instagram at @stevedixon_creative and his graphic design business website is at Steve Dixon Creative
You can read about Glyn’s moment of infamy here Wiltshire Times
And the unlikely pyrotechnic throwing pilots can be found at Airborne Pyrotechnics
Finally you can read Glyn’s blog about his walk around the Warminster skyline on the website at Warminster Skyline Walk