Why Jerami Grant Signed with Detroit Pistons

Jan 07, 06:34 PM

Pistons writer James Edwards III dives into why Jerami Grant stunningly chose the Pistons this offseason.

Pistons writer James Edwards III has a feature out in The Athletic today solving one of the most puzzling questions of NBA free agency from November. Why did the Nuggets' Jerami Grant leave Denver for the same money with a losing Detroit Pistons franchise? Edwards found in a one on one with the budding star, who played college basketball Syracuse before a breakout 2020 season on the way to the west finals, that Grant's desire to play for the Pistons extends beyond basketball. 

After the NBA Bubble and vocal calls to make real movement among basketball players in social justice, Grant decided he want to play for a Black coach, a Black general manager, in the most Black city in America as he gets more involved in the movement for social justice in the US. The Celtics and Pistons faced this last weekend and split a series, which Bobby Manning and James Edwards discussed on Dome Theory this week. 

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