Stampsy & Josh Jan 4 - Jan 8

Jan 11, 12:56 AM
On this podcast:
* A woman had an epic cooking fail when her store bought lasagne container melted in the oven.  We heard about your epic cooking fails.
* A man has sued King's Hawaiian Buns after learning that they weren't ... made in Hawaii.  Stampsy has further food disclaimers you need to know about.
* Stampsy's bank gave her computer purchase anxiety. Did she get what she paid for?
* Can you name the film from a one line description (that doesn't include the title)? Josh and Stampsy go head to head.
* Josh came across a reddit feed on what people can do with their bodies.  He asked you, and we weren't prepared for the responses.
* Trump has been banned from social media (for that whole inciting a riot thing) but why were you banned (or blocked) from social media?
* Stampsy has learned about asking Google Home random questions - so Google was put to the test.
* What went through your window?  A woman sitting behind a timber van had a haul of plywood come through her front window after it stopped suddenly!
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