30. Four Generations of GIJoe - an Interview with Jim Beard

Jan 13, 10:00 AM


The Order of Battle Podcast episode 30 is here!
Jim Beard (@writerjimbeard) has joined the crew this week. A interviewed Jim, giving us four generations of GIJoe fans sharing our experience and love of the brand, hobby and lifestyle. Join us as we talk 12”, Adventure Team, Modern, 3.75”, books, cartoons, and our broader community. 

Jim has an audiobook of DC Jones coming out soon. I can personally recommend the book and will be picking up his audiobook when it drops! 

Have you read this book? Do you know Jim Beard? He’s a long time member of the toy community and has been writing great books. Pick this one up here: https://www.amazon.com/D-C-Jones-Adventure-Command-International/dp/B08DSTHT3F

He has other books as well: 

Join us in the conversation by reaching out via email, Twitter or Instagram. How did you feel about this book? Do you collect 12”? What other books do you recommend? 

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