Rebuilding Culture In A Post Pandemic World

Jan 20, 2021, 06:28 PM

Since the start of the Industrial Revolution businesses have benefitted from a 'captive audience' when embedding their corporate culture, with employees present in the physical workplace. With business leaders planning to maintain a hybrid work-from-home structure even after the COVID-19 threat has passed, everything has changed. How should businesses now think about culture and what it means? Are we seeing the beginning of an exciting era of cultural evolution and innovation?
Cushman & Wakefield's Experience per SF™ (XSF) survey reported that half of employees are currently struggling to feel connected with their company's culture and their colleagues. How can businesses actively manage their culture to support their employees bond and create shared perceptions of what company culture is?
For this conversation, Michael Creamer was joined by Ralph Ardill, a Brand Culture Specialist with 25+ years of helping businesses discover their purpose and deliver winning customer and employee brand experiences, and Despina Katsikakis, Global Head of Total Workplace at Cushman & Wakefield.