Tara Nolan - Teams: The Heartbeat of Organisations

Jan 21, 06:00 AM
Tara Nolan is fascinated by teams and has worked extensively with teams as a coach.  In this episode, Tara reflects on her work and her insights from interviewing experts and team leaders in her podcast ‘A Game of Teams’.   Teams are the heartbeat of organisational success and this episode Tara and Simon discuss team dynamics, team leadership and the changing nature of how teams are working in more fluid and virtual ways, and what this means in terms of containment, trust, leadership and performance.

Tara Nolan is the host of The Game of Teams Podcast, a podcast that was born out of her fascination with teams, her work with teams as a Team Coach and her interest in exploring the thoughts and thinking of others who have a role in making teams great.

Tara is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) and Systemic Team Coach and she uses systems thinking, team essentials, team structure, diagnostics, dialogue, group dynamics, emotional and social intelligences, mindfulness and reflective practices to inform her thinking and approach with teams. She is a facilitator and regular contributor to various publications and respected thought leader on teams.  Tara started her career as an Investment Banker working for Morgan Stanley in the City of London. She now lives in Dublin and has her own company called Tara Nolan LTD.

Her websites: www.taranolan.ie and www.thegameofteams.com