Jan 22, 2021, 03:01 PM

On this Very Special Episode of the Sub-Beacon, the gang discusses how to make your home more attractive to potential buyers, how to plan a special birthday dinner for your loved ones, and, of course, how to appreciate the new Disney+ show Wandavision. Part parody of sitcoms past, part Lost-style mystery box, the new show scratches that MCU itch and does so much more. 

And is if that weren't enough, the guys also have put together a very special series of sitcom rankings. RANKINGS. Who doesn't love a good ranking or four? But to hear this part of the episode? You gotta sign up for the Patreon. It's super-affordable, as little as a dollar a month (though, you know, three dollars a month means a dollar a month for each of the guys, which, really, is pretty fair, if you think about it). Just go to subbeacon.com and sign up and you'll get the whole thing. Trust me: you don't want to miss it.