'Ted Lasso,' with Special Guest Kristen Soltis Anderson!

Feb 05, 06:00 PM

NOTE: This is a truncated episode. It is not the full thing! If you want to listen to the full thing, head over to subbeacon.com and sign up for the Patreon, folks. You're missing out on so much chatting between the dudes (and a lady!) this week. 

This week JVL, Vic, and Sonny were very excited to invite Kristen Soltis Anderson onto the show to discuss everyone's favorite football-coach-turned-EPL-manager, Ted Lasso! Is the AppleTV+ show the best sitcom of 2020? Is it the show we need right now? And, most importantly: what is a grey-market piano? All this and more on this week's Sub-Beacon!