#25 Re-motional Intelligence with Céline Williams

Jan 28, 10:01 AM

With so much of our conversations and meetings going online what do your team need from you? How do we get best results whilst supporting them and helping them thrive?

We are joined by Céline Williams Executive & Team Coach, founder of Revisionary based in Toronto, Canada. We chat about Team Coaching, and remote working with some great tips for working in a hybrid future. What are leaders concentrating on in these challenging times? Who are the members in your 1st team? 

  • Constantly talking to people about holding a few thoughts in our minds at the same time - we are living in the “Grey”
  • Transparency - let’s share all the information and make better decisions
  • Opposition - If we think of opposition is here to think critically they should be the most valuable part of they system because that’s how we get better. Yet we’ve created a system where the opposition is just “plain wrong”
  • Team Coaching provides so much more context and provides helpful perspectives in moving people along individually and collectively as a team
  • Feedback - People have to be ready to receive it
  • Remote working - awareness of other peoples individual remote environments
  • Role of re-motional intelligence - what can I can control in a remote world when our assumptions are a thousand fold
  • Setting better expectations of people, using ground rules and shared understanding of one another
  • Asking better questions that are leading people away from your own assumptions is so useful
  • The vortex of introspection; whilst it’s key to see what is happening to us, its where your growth edge is - you should make time to step out of this pattern
  • On-line meetings have become an information dump, we are missing nuance, and need to be far more strategic
Céline's Leadership Essentials: (1:32) 

1. Being more committed to my own growth than to my comfort; this is where we really see change
2. Critical thinking should be uncomfortable; if you’re constantly hearing what you want to hear, then that - is confirmation bias. What your hearing should not be reinforcing what you already think
3. Introspection is vital for leaders - they must understand their own patterns of behaviour. Importantly do not get stuck in introspection.