Learning in coaching never stops with Sue Baker

Season 1,   Sep 03, 2022, 05:12 PM

In this weeks episode John & Rachael are joined by Executive Coach, Sue Baker. Sue has been working as a coach working with leaders at board level in large corporations since the 1990's.

Sue talks about how coaching has changed over the last couple of decades and how organisation and leaders requirements of coaching are changing as the challenges they face are change. Most importantly we talk about what is next in coaching. What new trends we are seeing in coaching? And what are some of the issues that senior leaders come to coaching looking to work on?

This is a fantastic conversation for anyone thinking about getting an executive coach or wondering what very senior leaders in organisations do in coaching sessions. 

Sue shares her personal story of what she's learned in her coaching journey and how she's leaned more about herself as she's gained more experience as a female coach working with incredibly senior leaders in large corporates.

If you loved this conversation and would like to get in touch with Sue you can find her on LinkedIn or email her on: sue@suebakerconsulting.com 

Sue's Leadership Essentials: (57:18)

1. Humility. Is an underrated leadership quality. Its time for the people with humility who ask for help can be the most powerful leaders

2. The ability connect. This is a mindset and a learned skill. When it's authentic it's really powerful to be in a great leaders sunshine. Being able to connect on a human level.

3. The courage to say we got this wrong.