#26 Harnessing Entrepreneurial Spirit with Kevin Urrutia

Feb 04, 09:50 AM

Fast, speedy, people focused, energetic, positive and always smiling; meet the curious and enthusiastic Kevin Urrutia.

In this weeks episode Rachael & John chat with Kevin Urrutia. Based in New York, he is a true entrepreneur, always looking to learn and grow. 

Kevin shares his story, from how he started as a Developer in Silicon Valley to now building five different businesses from scratch at just 31 years of age. Today Kevin’s main focus is on his latest creation Voy Media which is #1 for Facebook ads, helping brands scale at record speed with paid social.

John & Rachael talk to Kevin about where his entrepreneurial spirits comes from, how he continues to nurture it and his tips for budding entrepreneurs. 
As a leader of a successful SME today, with his team based all over the world we talk about how he makes this work to the benefit of clients, business and team members. And how he’s tackling the issue communication in a team made up of both extroverts and introverts while working remotely. 

For those of you curious about what is possible, entrepreneurship and building a business based on passion and people this conversation with Kevin has a thought provoking message for you.

Kevin’s Leadership Essentials (42:14):

  1. Committing to weekly meetings, especially needed when your work is over different time zones
  2. Pre-meeting notes keep us on track and people know what we all want to talk about. Using Asana to keep records for us works really well
  3. Ensuring our team is aligned and that people agree and know what we all want for the company.