0009 Renewable Mongolia

Apr 30, 2012, 01:44 PM, Manlai, Omnogovi, Mongolia

As China's economy booms, its demand for energy grows. With oil prices up and coal-fired power plants choking Chinese cities and people, the government is aggressively developing renewable energy sources, particularly wind power. Wind farms are sprouting all across China, but especially on the grassy, breezy plains of Inner Mongolia. There are even schemes to plant wind farms in the oceans, just off China's crowded coasts, where the wind is steady and the real estate not yet occupied. According to the New York Times, China expects to generate a fifth of its energy needs from alternative sources by 2020. So, over the coming decades, the future of China's economic development might just be blowing in the wind. #ceas #china #hacker #tsutsui Original Broadcast Dates: December 7-10, 2005.