Beware politicians and their 'mandates' - there are pitfalls in hasty implementation

Apr 30, 2012, 10:11 PM

The Tuesday Topic (No 211) today notes the limitations that elected members may experience if they try to implement their mandates too enthusiastically. This is because the Institute's new training course ('The law of consultation') highlights important Court decisions which include cases where politicians have fallen foul of the law despite having a clear democratic mandate for their decisions. Rhion Jones argues that it is important to brief newly-elected Councillors on this critical aspect of their local government careers! #BuildingSchoolsForTheFuture #Councils #courts #Gove #mandate #PublicEngagement #LawOfConsultation

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Tcinewsbyaudio - over 5 years ago

If anyone hearing this wants to know more about either the 'Law of Consultation' training course or our Briefings for Elected Members, please talk to Karen Fourie @ the Institute's Centre on 01767 318350