Alex Payne - Trash Talking with Paynooooooooo

Season 4, Episode 1,   Feb 11, 2021, 12:00 AM

What a shocking year this has been already and we're only in February, hence, we decided to bring the podcast back for another series to try and brighten your days! This season we've signed up some of the biggest sporting and celebrity names in the country and will be having some cianter with them every thursday for you all to enjoy!

Today, we kickstart the series with a bang as we're joined by Archie's sparring partner and future opponent in the ring, broadcaster extraordinaire - Mr Alex Payne aka Paynoooooooo.

We discuss;
- The preparations for the biggest and poshest boxing bout of the year
- Payno's memories of his time at Eton college and his rugby playing days
- Sixth form socials and big university nights out
- His battle with Simon Lazenby to be number 1 at sky sports
- Nights out with his fellow pundits and colleagues
- Missing out on the lash in his 20s
- That infamous clip where he lost the ability to talk live on TV
- The Good Bad & The Rugby
- His favourite person to interview ever and much much more...
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