The Fifty Piece w/ Karlous Miller - Big Homies House EP: 50

Feb 15, 05:00 PM
The Fifty Piece w/ Karlous Miller- 
Big Homies House EP: 50 

It’s episode 50 ofTHE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this week, and its a special occasion so we had THE HOMIES locked in… Big Homie Karlous, Big Homie Jenn, Big Homie Mique and Big Homie COURT!!!

This week we discussed the upcoming Valentines Day festivities!! Could you date someone your homeboy did the vertical tango with??  Why don’t men trust their girl around other men??? Gorilla Glue girl Fall Out, and Is Kodak Black brainwashed????

Also, Karlous gives us an update on the return of WILD N’ OUT! 


 This weeks Homies are


2:18 - Is Kodak Black A Clone or Brainwashed?

4:05 - Gorilla Glue Head Is An Idiot 

11:08 - Is Sex A Valentines Day Gift?

12:07 - Do Men Deserve Gifts On Valentines Day?

15:00 - Big T Shirt P****

25:04 - Could You Seriously Date Your Homeboys Sloppy Seconds?

32:08 - Does Your Boo Need To Know If You And Your Best Friend Had Sex In The Past?

33:49 - Can You Handle Finding Out Your Girl Had Sex With Her Male Best Friend?

37:57 - Why Men Don’t Trust Other Men With Their Girl!

41:40 - Did You Level Your Hoes Up?

48:11 - Are You Justified For Leaving Your Relationship For A Better One?

49:50 - Do MEN Ruin Good Women??

57:20 - What Is “Loving Hard”???

58:51 - Should A Woman Be More Conservative Once She Gets In A Relationship?

1:02:18 - Is The Best Ever Good Enough??

1:05:38 - Accountability: Maybe The Problem Is ME???

1:32:06 - Return Of Wild N’ Out? 

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