The HAUNTED San Jose Improv

Episode 13,  Feb 09, 2021, 07:44 PM

Ghost Stories of the San Jose Improv Comedy Club. First-Hand experiences from General Manager David Williams.

The San Jose Improv is located in a historical building called The Jose Theatre. It was built in 1904, and in the early days, vaudeville was performed here. A story has been passed down via oral tradition that around 1910, there was a fire in the performer’s dressing rooms underneath the stage, and several actors and actresses perished. The entire staff, even the ones who don’t know the story, feel uncomfortable going underneath the stage.

In approximately 2008, Ghost Hunters came to the club and spent two nights recording multiple areas looking for signs of supernatural activity. One area that they recorded was the staff entrance to our upstairs bar. Over the years, bartenders reported many instances of strange occurrences of this door opening and closing of it’s own accord. When Ghost Hunters reviewed the full over-night footage, they discovered that they had captured audio of an old man yelling “Get the hell out of my bar!” repeated several times.