Fortune Feimster's Mom Left her HOME ALONE with Ghosts!

Episode 17,  Apr 07, 2021, 01:30 AM

#GhostStoriesWithAnjelah​ - Ep. 16

Special Guest Fortune Feimster and three fans join the podcast.

FORTUNE : So i've never seen a ghost. I just feel energy. My house growing up was very old. Built in the late 1800's. It always had a weird energy and I never felt settled there. Years later I was casually talking with my mom about that house and she said it was the most haunted house she's ever lived in. I was like excuse me? She said for years she heard things like footprints upstairs or walking up and down the stairs. She'd get up and everyone would be sound asleep. She'd hear doors slam. She was like I hated being in that house. I was like why didn't you tell me? and why didn't we move? It finally ended because she got fed up one night when she was alone and she yelled out to the ghost, "If you don't leave this house, I am calling Duke University and having their paranormal department (or whatever it's called) come and get you out." And she said she never heard from it again. Then we ended up selling that house and it's gone on the market about every five years so we think it may still be haunted. 

Anita  – She is a teacher and local ghost tour owner in New Braunfels, TX. She has many amazing ghost stories that happened to her personally and also from local legend. She was supposed to be on the show in Dec, but couldn’t attend. We bumped her from the last show as well due to time restraints. 

Araceli and Mathias Banks- They are a husband and wife who once they moved in together started experiencing strange things in their house. A few things were Christian music randomly blasting throughout the house, colored pencils on the floor that spelled out Hi, drawings on mirrors, weird sounds, things going missing, sightings of a little girl. Video attached is from Mathias. He was in the bathroom, listening to music and his suit that was hanging up started moving. There was no air blowing near the suit and no reason for it to be moving that way. Bumped from the last show due to time restraints. 

Aria Trueblood – Experiences over the past 5 years with sleep paralysis and visitations from people who may have died in 3 separate locations where she has lived.