Wow! A disembodied voice on this episode!!!

Episode 18,  Apr 21, 2021, 03:50 AM

#GhostStoriesWithAnjelahwith​ Special Guest "Exotic" and 2 Fan Submissions 

Exotic: There’s 2 entities that have been with me my entire life. Only a couple people have seen them with me over the years. I spoke with one lady who believes deeply in spirituality and energies and entities and she told me some deep shit that freaked me out myself. 

I’ve been woken up out of my sleep on about 3 occasions in my life by spirits.

My first encounter ever was a VERY dark spirit in my grandmothers house.

One of the entities that is “always with me” popped up behind my reflection of my micro wave when I closed my door literally like a scary movie scene. 

I also believe I’ve communicated in my sleep with 2 family members that have passed away.

Wendi Flores – Grew Up  in a haunted house. Some of her experiences were:
So growing up we lived in this older house. For a while my room was in the basement. I would see a shadow person walk past our door pretty regularly. One night my cat was sleeping with me and I woke up to him being pulled away, not walking ... pulled... when I woke up he (the cat) was looking at me  like wtf ...and I saw this shadow hand move down the wall next to my bed. I was so used to seeing things that it didn't scare me, I even looked under my bed.  

Another time, my sister and I were playing in another part of the basement and I was walking backwards away from her (we were actually probably fighting) lol... and it felt like I bumped into someone... I turned around and was 2 feet from the wall and no one was there. 

Another story, I moved my room upstairs at one point.  I had put my brush on my made bed. When I came back a few minutes later, it was gone.. I was looking everywhere for it. I blamed my siblings and they all promised they didn't touch it. This actually happened a lot. I went back into my room a little while later and it was back on my bed.   Things happened so frequently, things moved, and the only time I was scared is when I was walking up the stairs from the basement. I felt like I had to run up them.

When I was in Elementary school we had a craft day where we made paper mache crafts. I crafted this crazy looking demon thing, almost the same size as me. And named him George. He became my new friend... because I had named the shadow guy George and he was my 'imaginary friend.'

I grew up in a very strict Christian home, so when my mom found out about George, the pranks and the shadow figures. She had a pastor from the church come pray over our house, she prayed for deliverance over our house and us children. 

It didn't change much really. Other than making her feel better.