Antonio Russo & Trevor Taylor Joint CEO's of Zoetic International (ZOE.L) Interview

Feb 17, 08:15 AM

Zoetic is a responsible CBD company, listed on the London stock exchange.

It is headquartered in Colorado and retails products on both sides of the Atlantic.

The Company listed in London in March 2015 and originally established itself as a natural resources company. The remaining natural resources assets are undergoing a managed exit as the Company repositions itself as a pure-play CBD business. Zoetic’s principle operations are:

Zoetic-branded CBD products are sold in both the UK and Europe. This is the Company’s premium brand and it seeks to distinguish itself from its competitors by producing high quality products with full transparency of ingredients (disclosed on the label and the Company’s own website). Zoetic sells CBD oils (tinctures) and softgels as well as cosmetics and beauty products.

Distribution Agreements

Antonio Russo, Co-CEO of Zoetic, said:
"This an exciting time for the Group, and we are confident that our careful approach to distribution will ultimately yield better sell-through rates and higher revenues, all whilst significantly boosting brand awareness. Rather than making a consolidated market entrance as an outlier, our incremental phased approach is designed to ensure that our products are the market favourite across every geography in which we operate. We are enthusiastic about the growing popularity of our lines and look forward to seeing this trajectory continue in the coming months."

Eric Schrader, formerly of Shrader Oil, commented: "With four generations of experience in the convenience store sector, we have seldom had a brand that, with no in store promotional spend, outsells famous brands with million-dollar marketing budgets. This kind of performance is why so many retail groups are keen to carry the Chill brand, and it's easy to come to the conclusion that we have something special here."