Ryan Lanji on Capturing the Zeitgeist

Feb 17, 12:25 PM
Our Back to the F**kture series asks renowned thinkers to put foresight predictions under the hindsight spotlight. This month Martin Raymond talks to Ryan Lanji a queer curator, dj, club organiser, archivist, influencer and all-round Instagram personality with his own show and a pretty massive following.

In this episode, we talk about Hungama, a mad, queer, glittering, wholly over the top Bollywood-meets-hip-hop, Hoxton-style living catwalk rave; his fabled Nailphilia show; his recently kick-started NDYglobal, a queer health and wellness initiative, and a new members online platform - curated by Ryan - to provide a much-needed platform for marginalised and unheard voices from our world. Tune in to this episode now.