#29 Coaching, Leadership & A Climate Change Alliance with Dr. Josie McLean

Feb 20, 10:00 AM
In this weeks episode Rachael & John are joined by fellow Coach and future orientated Josie Mc Lean. They discuss just how we can all get involved in promoting the climate change initiative at an organisational level.

It’s no secret that leaders are turning their attention and expanding their horizons towards a more sustainable future. For some this a paradigm shift, for others it’s a natural progression that can no longer be ignored.

They discuss how coaches can be involved, spring-boarding off the Climate Coaching Alliance Org 24 hour world-wide event on 4th March 2021 which works on the Eco-Phase Cycle, which is based on Dr Peter Hawkins’ model from eco-curious to eco-active. To meet people where they are at - be it Curious, Informed, Aware, Engaged or Active.

To embark on a more sustainable leadership approach Josie recommends:

  • Pick your fights, there are some battles you cannot win
  • Find friends to work with; you’ll be stronger together
  • Don’t ever underestimate how much can be achieved with a small group of people, when you start taking action on what you really want to achieve
Josie’s Leadership Essentials: (1:01:50)

  1. This is not an “add-on” we can no longer ignore human behaviour towards the planet. This is now part of the business environment we are in.
  2. Embrace the uncertainty - stay with your vision and get comfortable in moving towards safer uncertainty
  3. Keep asking: "Just how adaptable can we be?” Not to adapt once, but to adapt over and over.