FFDU: Pubcast Down Under – Episode 19

May 01, 2012, 11:30 AM

The team gather after a big curry night the night before, but the show must go on as plenty to talk about, oh as for the opening music we do apologise in advance but it is relevant for this week, we’ll explain later!

• UK Football Pubcast 77: Jess made an appearance and let’s just say she made an impact! • Curry night last night • Johnnys gift to Jane – The Corrs greatest hits • FFDU Fan Awards - Finalists announced - Last week • Newcastle Jets update • Arnold to Sydney FC • Ange to Victory • Western Sydney and the forums • Champions League and the 4th spot • Race for the title • City v United • Spurs - What has gone wrong? • Down at the bottom, will Villa go down and what the hell are Wigan playing at? • Plus plenty of other based pub chat