Miami Improv has Ghosts!

Episode 14,  Feb 23, 2021, 07:47 PM

This is our second of a three part series hearing from comedy club managers.  This week, it's Justin & Melissa from the Miami Improv.  They share first-hand encounters from a comedy club build on an Indian reservation.   

Old Miami Improv | Wheelchair Ramp: The Old Miami Improv was in a district known as Coconut Grove. We had a regular that would come every Tuesday show with Benji Brown. He was a retired disabled veteran named Gerald who lived nearby and would roll up in his wheelchair. One night he left early and without paying his bill which is not like him, but we thought maybe he forgot, and we would square away with his next bill. Tuesday came and we heard the wheelchair ramp creaking, so we knew he was coming up to get his tickets.  We waited and he did not come to the window, so I stepped out and did not see him, I Looked around and no one else was there. Turns out the night he left early he went home and passed. She gave us his memorial and thanked us for always taking care of him and said she knew he would always be around us.

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