DRAKE FLEW MY GIRL OUT! - Big Homies House E:52

Mar 01, 05:00 PM
DRAKE FLEW MY GIRL OUT! -  Big Homies House E:52 

It’s episode 52 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this week, Big Homie Trav,  Big Homie Bonnie Ali, Big Homie Vassiah, Big Homie Starter, and Big Homie Shy!

We kick the episode off by announcing the end of 6ix9ine’s involvement in the show, but is hip hops resident Troll being given too much ammunition???  We get into it about the truth of body surgery… is it worth it? And what does $60,000 worth of surgery actually look like???

also… Can you have a work bae?? 
All this and more on a CRAZY new episode!!!


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 This weeks Homies are

TAGS: Drake, All Star Weekend, 6ix9ine 

10:26 - Do Rappers Need To Live Their Raps?

14:54 - Is There A Double Standard Regarding The Internet’s Response To 6ix9ine

23:11 - Who Loves Their Mate More, The One That Changes For Them, Or The One That Accepts Them For How They Are?

25:20 - Could You Love Someone Enough To Put Up With Cheating?

28:30 - Should You Be Able Depend On Your Man For 100% Of Your Income?

31:14 - Are You Secure Enough To Be With An OnlyFans Girl?

36:23 - Should More Hard Drugs Need To Be Normalized 

39:26 - Can You Have A “Work Bae” While In A Real Relationship?

47:33 - What Would You Rather Have, A BBL Or $50,000 Worth Of Land?

51:29 - Does Plastic Surgery Lead To Insecurity In Women?

1:02:27 - Is A Woman Accepting Gifts From A Guy The Equivalent Of A Guy Cheating?

1:23:47 - DRRRAAAKKKKKKEEE???: Would You Let Bae Spend A Night With Their Celebrity Crush?