Humanizing Leadership

Mar 01, 2021, 08:54 AM

In an age where the pace and complexity of change is only increasing, the activation of what drives our behavior – our human dilemmas – is causing many of us to experience a heightened degree of anxiety.

The pandemic crisis has been a powerful catalyst to thinking differently - to find greater success and fulfilment in our current times many business leaders have paused and reflected on their own sense of self and identity.

How can leaders embrace and use their human dilemmas to help them achieve what they desire? Why should businesses identify a purpose beyond turning profit? How can business leaders bring purpose to life through their own practice?

For this conversation, Michael Creamer was joined by Rob Cross, Founder of Muru Leadership and an author and speaker with a focus on people and coaching senior leaders. Rob brings together over 20 years of research, practical experience of developing others and hands-on leadership.