Irene McInnes

Season 1, Episode 1,   Mar 16, 2021, 12:08 AM

A chat with Irene McInnes about her life in Dennistoun and her work with Reidvale Housing Association.

In the first episode of Tales Fae the East we speak with Irene McInnes of Dennistoun. 
Irene grew up in the East End, and came to settle in Dennistoun in her 20’s.
She’s been one of the key figures in Reidvale Housing Association, a pioneering community housing association who put their tenants at centre of their operations, since the very beginning.
We talk about Irene’s family as she was growing up, her father’s service during the second world war, characters from the community, memories of dancing at the Palais de Dance, going to see bands in the 60’s, the correct type of sausage to have in a roll and so much more. 
Towards the end of the episode we talk about Reidvale, how it grew and what its role in the community is. 
Tales Fae the East is an artist in residence project from Glasgow Life. 
My friend and colleague Tim Morrozo shares the residency with me. 
Tim is a photographer and will be visiting each of the people we speak to take a portrait of them to accompany the podcast and be shown as part of an exhibition once Covid restrictions ease.

We’re going to be offering podcasting and photography workshops as part of this project.

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