Robert Macaulay

Season 1, Episode 6,  Apr 20, 2021, 11:15 PM

This episode is a conversation with Robert Macaulay of Robert’s Hair Design of Duke St, Dennistoun.  Robert was born and brought up in Sword St and knows Dennistoun intimately. 
Our conversation goes into life in the area in Robert’s youth, how he started his working life at the age of 9, his memories of cinemas in the area, childhood holidays, the Dennistoun Palais in its roller disco days, roller hockey, the music scene in Glasgow of his younger days, his professional life and lots more besides.   
As we recorded this conversation over Zoom there are occasional odd noises and pinging sounds, I’ve tried to edit them out where possible, but you will hear the whistle and echo for which I apologise.  

Thank you to Gail and Alison at Florresters on Duke St, and Mairi Binnie for putting me in contact with Robert. 

There are so many more tales to be told, so if you know someone who knows tales of Dennistoun, Sighthill or Haghill and you think they’d be willing to talk to us for the podcast, we’d love to hear from them!  I’m particularly keen to speak to folk from Haghill as we’ve not spoken to anyone there yet.  I’d also love to speak to anyone from the diverse immigrant communities in the area, so please do drop us a line on with any contacts you think would be willing to talk. 

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Photo of Robert by Tim Morozzo

Thank you for listening!