Elaine MacKenzie Ellis

Season 1, Episode 3,  Mar 29, 2021, 09:05 PM

In this episode I speak with Elaine MacKenzie Ellis of Sighthill.
Elaine is an actor with an enviable list of credits to her name including Rab C Nesbitt, Still Game, Dear Frankie, Sunshine on Leith and many others.
In this conversation we don’t talk too much about Elaine’s career, but focus in on her connections to the high flats in Sighthill. 
We talk about the community in the area, how that has changed over the years, what growing up in a high flat was like and we go into the campaign to save the high flats.

Our conversation goes all over the place, at one point taking in a little talked about uprising in 1820 that took place near by.     

As we recorded this conversation over Zoom there are occasional odd noises and ghostly echoes, I’ve tried to edit them out where possible, but you will hear the odd pop and growl for which I apologise.

Special thanks to Mandy McIntosh for suggesting that I talk to Elaine!

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Thank you for listening!