Mitch Miller

Season 1, Episode 2,  Mar 22, 2021, 10:59 PM

In this episode I speak with Mitch Miller of Dennistoun.
Mitch is an artist who works with an approach which he calls the Dialectogram, offering a pigeons eye view of spaces.  Spaces as seen from above, but with the pigeon’s knowledge of where all the dropped chips from Friday night lie.

Mitch comes from a long line of travelling show folk.  It’s so interesting to hear him talk about this heritage and how it has influenced both his life and work.  

Our conversation touches on his family’s story, how he first came to Dennistoun, his studies, his work outside of the art world and how his art practice has grown and developed over the years, tied into community and place.   

One thing that comes across so strongly from our conversation is Mitch’s love for and commitment to the area. 

Mitch’s website can be found here.  

Tales Fae the East is an artist in residence project from Glasgow Life.  I share the position with my mate Tim Morozzo who will be taking photo portraits of the people we speak to when Covid restrictions lift.

There are many more tales to be told, so if you know someone, like Mitch or Irene, who knows tales of Dennistoun, Sighthill or Haghill and you think they’d be willing to talk to us for the podcast, we’d love to hear from them! 
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