35. Creating the Trinity of Renegades

Episode 35,  Mar 24, 2021, 09:00 AM

gijoe, GI Joe

The Order of Battle Podcast episode 35 is here!
Joel is signed up for the JoeFest Marauder Task Force event. Jason and A went to a toy show in Trinity Alabama. The three guys watched the opening salvo of GI Joe Renegades. All three loved it so far. Joel took advantage of ROMA Collectibles mid-March sale to get more Spero Animal Warriors of the Kingdom figures. And,Jason received volume seven of Dan Klingensmith Jr’s incredible book series Creating GIJoe (previously known as 3.75 Joes). 

Questions for you! 
  • Are you signed up for the MTF event at JoeFest?
  • Any toy shows near you ? 
  • Do you have Dan’s book series?
  • What have you gotten in lately?

If you don’t have Creating GIJoe, get it here: https://www.creatinggijoe.com/

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