Ben Duckett - Bar Brawling with Jimmy Anderson - Getting Suspended From Stowe & Beer Pong With Ben Stokes

Season 4, Episode 7,  Mar 25, 2021, 12:00 AM

After a disappointing six nations campaign for England we turn to cricket to cheer us up and who better than a man who loves to lash more than anyone else - Mr Ben Duckett.

We discuss;
- Ben's 'gap year' in Sydney where he made no impact on the cricket field but a lot of impact on the Australian nightlife.
- Failing fitness tests due to overindulging on the lash.
- Being coached by Darren Gough at Stowe school and also the story behind how he was suspended!
- Representing England in test matches and ODI's and what went wrong to lead to his dismissal.
- That infamous night out in Australia which led to an altercation with Jimmy Anderson - EXCLUSIVE - First time the story has been told.
- Ollie Pope's need to up his instagram game and a rumour on who he maybe dating.
- Archie's new fondness for cricketers including Harry Gurny.
- Gary Ballance's 4am topless night out in Nottingham.
- Beer Pong with Ben Stokes in Bangladesh
- Raya Dates
- Reece Topley's obsession with good looking woman  
- Getting steamboated with Chris Gayle in Abu Dhabi and much much more.....
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