Frankie J has Ghost Stories!

Episode 16,  Mar 24, 2021, 01:30 AM

#GhostStoriesWithAnjelah​ - Ep. 16

Frankie J tells a story from his dad's childhood.  A fan talks about how her medium abilities solved a crime, a patient haunts a dailysis unit on an Indian Reservation and some ghosts haunts this poor woman's house... all this on an jam packed ghost stories.

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She is a medium still learning the “ins and outs” of her ability. She’s been hearing and seeing ghosts since she was young. A few years ago a friend told her about a missing girl from her town. She told her friend what she felt about it and 2 years later they found the girl’s body and everything she said about it made perfect sense. The missing woman was Ebby Steppach who went missing in 2015 in Little Rock I believe. A friend of mine became really interested in the case (she lived in the same town) a year later after the police still had no leads. It was 2016 and I had just started telling friends and family that I had medium abilities. She messaged me and asked if I felt anything about this case. Over the next few days I slowly got info from who I assume was Ebby. She told me that she had passed on. She also gave me clues to where her body was. Not far from her car, where the water and land meet, the word Osprey and over and over she kept telling me to follow the pink. I gave my friend that info. I didn't contact police because I still, almost 8 years into this journey, don't have the best confidence when it comes to my gift. You also don't know how the police will react to that sort of thing. I honestly forgot all about it until 2 years later when my friend messaged me again. She said that the police found Ebby's body and that everything I told her 2 years earlier matched up. She was found very close to where her vehicle was parked. She was left in a drainage pipe so that would be where the water and land meet. According to my friend the company who makes the drainage pipes is called Osprey and on the day they found her there were pink flags, from land surveyors, leading up to where the pipe was located. I still have that message saved in my phone because whenever I am doubting myself I like to look back at it. I actually have a lot of messages from readings that I've done over the years because I like going back and reading them once in awhile.

She is a nurse and was working at a dialysis center on the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming. She’s seen several “people” there when she was the only one in the building. The first time it happened, she went back into the unit to clock out and use the restroom. When she clocked out she saw someone in a lab coat walk past the break room. She immediately got chills and when she looked out into the hallway and called out to see if someone was there, no one was there and all the patient lockers were wide open.

- Saw a shadow of a guy walking up and down stairs and he would turn on all the electronics in the bedroom downstairs. She was supposed to be featured on the saw in Dec and couldn’t make it.