Women's Leadership: My Journey with Lynne Sedgmore CBE

Episode 24,   Apr 01, 2021, 02:00 AM

In this episode Lynne shares her personal leadership journey and thoughts on women's leadership. Lynne was born into a working-class community, and travelled a long and fascinating journey to the top of the educational establishment.  Lynne draws on two defining influences that have shaped her work, feminism and spirituality.  Lynne now runs her own leadership programme based on Goddess spirituality.  She believes that creating a separate and sacred space outside of mainstream leadership development allows for counter-cultural innovations to emerge that can challenge the patriarchal thinking that continues to define leadership practice.  Lynne is an inspirational leader and speaker and I hope you enjoy this podcast.

Lynne was born into a working-class mining community, and had a successful mainstream career in FE as a lecturer and college Principal. She has been a national education influencer, becoming CEO of a national institute and working at Prime ministerial level with Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. Lynne has received many awards and was given a CBE in 2002.  Throughout her journey spirituality has been core to her being.  Lynne is now a Priestess and Founder of the Goddess Luminary Wheel leadership development programme. She is an elder who coaches individuals and teams in a range of organisations, especially charities. Her work on spirituality in the workplace received international recognition with books and articles written on her unusual contribution.  Lynne has a Doctorate in spiritual leadership, has published 3 poetry collections and her new book Leading through the Goddess will be published later this year.