Jamie Cudmore - Being An Enforcer For Drug Dealers In Canada & Serving Jail Time To Becoming One Of Rugbys Greatest Villains

Season 4, Episode 9,  Mar 31, 2021, 11:00 PM

As the sun starts to shine on Clapham we voyage digitally overseas, all the way to Canada in fact to catch up with a man known as 'Rugbys Greatest Thug' - Mr Jamie Cudmore. In a career that lasted over 15 years mostly playing for Clermont in the Top 14, Jamie gained a reputation as one of the most terrifying and physical rugby players the game has ever seen.

Today we hear how he went from being an enforcer for drug dealers back in Canada eventually leading to a spell in prison before falling in love with Rugby and escaping the mediocracy of rural Canada for France. He tells us about his biggest fights and enemies in rugby, his physical regrets, his relationship with Paul O Connell and why he's suing the love of his life in Clermont Auvergne for damages related to a failed HRA.

In this episode Archie also announces that he's running for London Mayor and sets out his main policies, we have a wonderful Club House Stories and we find out if Archie will eventually get to see Alistair for the first time in over a year this Easter!
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