#35 Better Health & Nutrition with Andrew Thomas - Founder of BetterYou

Apr 06, 09:00 AM
This week we celebrate World Health Day with the wonderfully knowledgeable Andy Thomas CEO and Founder of BetterYou. We talk about needing to be well, to lead well. 
Our dramatically changing modern western diet and lifestyles have led to us losing a growing number of key nutrients which are essential to maintaining a balanced, healthier and fitter body. Andy talks about how a chance meeting led to him finding his true purpose; the challenges he encountered, the people and organisations that helped him, and that he is forever learning, how to help people lead healthier lives. 

We chat about his passion, learning and commitment to developing new products, and the innovation required to meet the growing needs of customers’ nutritional requirements. This was a real education for us, learning how important crucial certain minerals and vitamins are, and how they are ingested can have a real impact on their effectiveness.

Andy’s Leadership Essentials are:

1. Try and make decisions you’re proud of, that you can substantiate; start by looking at yourself
2. Be humble - Be the leader, yet have the confidence to move forward, back your own judgement
3. Treat your people as fellow travellers; listen to what they think, its more fun, and they throw things in - you’d probably never thought of

You can learn more about BetterYou products by visiting betteryou.com