S3 Ep6: Success Leaves Clues - Prof. Damian Hughes

Apr 06, 03:00 AM
A real treat of an episode this week as I interview someone whose books I've devoured and whose podcast I can't get enough of. He is somone who is exceptionally well placed to talk about mojo in sport.

Professor Damian Hughes is a sports psychologist and visiting professor at Manchester Metropolitan University. An expert on high-performance sporting cultures, Damian's research has been praised by the likes of Sir Richard Branson, Muhammad Ali, Sir Roger Bannister, Tiger Woods, Jonny Wilkinson and Sir Alex Ferguson.

He is an incredible observer of human performance through his rare ability to get very close to both sports people and sports organisations. He is able to do this by creating incredible levels of trust, based on both is values and trade-mark behaviours. Both of which we talk about extensively. Hence his ability to see success up close and the clues that success leaves behind.

I highly recommend you check out The High Performance Podcast where Damian is the ying to Jake Humphrey's yang. It's a great example of how collaboration and team work can create amazing things. @highperformance

I also recommend Damian's book The Barcelona Way and we talk about where the current FC Barcelona team is, mojo-wise.
Damian has written many other books and is a high-demanded speaker and workshop leader - you can find out more on his website or his Instagram @liquidthinker

I really enjoyed this chat - hope you enjoy it too. Please do remember to subscribe, rate and write a short review.

Richard x

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