36. Toylanta Kraken Infestation 2021

Episode 36,   Apr 07, 2021, 09:00 AM

gijoe #gijoe

The Order of Battle Podcast episode 36 is here!
Jason and A went to Toylanta, https://www.joelanta.org/ in Marietta, GA. A handful of HTF o-ring GI Joes, some fun 12” GI Joes, Captain Action, insanely cool dioramas, and introducing A to the three day con schedule. 

At the show we ran into Roger and Josh with their upcoming After Action Report: The GI Joe Comic Book Collecting Guide (https://www.afteractionreport.net/). That book is coming along splendidly and will be incredible once in all our hands. Ed Schumacher of Joe Fest (https://www.joefestusa.com) and Brian Kossin of Retro-Toy Con (https://retro-toycon.com/), preparing for their shows later this year. And Jason went hard in acrylic with Encased Collectibles. 

Lots of other friends, pizzas, late nights, nerd rants, lies, jokes and laughs. A solid show with solid friends and memories.

Questions for you! 
  • Were you at Toylanta? If so what did you pick up and what was your favorite part of the show?
  • Are you a backer of After Action Report?
  • Will you be at Joe Fest in June? Kentuckiana in July? Retro-Toy con in the fall? 

You can hit us with the answers to these, and any questions/comments you might have. Join our conversation!

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