Melissa Campbell

Apr 12, 11:30 PM
This week I’m talking to Melissa Campbell.

Melissa is based in and around Luton offering classes that fuse together mindful movement influenced by yoga, somatics, and qigong. She also teaches mudra-based meditation, mindfulness, self-care journaling, and culinary nutrition offering her clients a holistic approach for self-care and women’s wellness. 

Melissa, like many of us, has taken this period of enforced slowing down to take stock and focus on what she wants her business to look like going forward. So, we’ll be talking about that as well as how she has been getting on teaching online and what she’s been doing with the extra time she has had on her hands since reducing her teaching hours. Like many of us, Melissa had previously taught yoga at gyms, studios and community halls but as the work dried up she consolidated and focused on retaining her regular client base through online classes and membership offerings. 

As restrictions are starting to ease, we’ll consider what the next couple of months might look like and how we can help more people to enjoy yoga. I also want to take some time to discuss whether Melissa has experienced any racism, either as a student or a teacher and what her thoughts are regarding diversity in yoga. 

I know I say this about all of my guests (or at least if I don’t say it out loud I think it!), Melissa is a very kind soul and a good friend. I really hope you enjoy listening to our conversation.

Melissa’s shared a few of her favourite Savasana Sounds:
Benjy Wertheimer - Saraswati Ma
East Forest (artist)
Garth Stevenson (also recommended by Christine Blair (Episode 6)
Beautiful Charm - Faith Hymn
Have a listen to them and see what you think!

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