Seven Deadly Sinners Season 3 Trailer!

Episode 252,   Apr 09, 2021, 07:01 PM

Hey Friends! I'll be back with an update on Be Here for a While soon!

But in the meantime if you're looking for content, head on over to my other podcast Seven Deadly Sinners

Season 3:

Comedian George Carlin once said “may the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house.” But what if that evils starts within your most trusted organization, your home...your own family.

In Season 3 we are covering some of the most wicked and corrupt cases yet, cases so far reaching that they involve some of the wealthiest and highest levels of society committing the most evil of crimes. These perpetrators are so desperate to keep their sins under wraps, they’ve created a cover up they’ll kill for.  
Think about it, when religion becomes organized crime you’ve got a group so sinister that the devil is applying for membership.

But we are also covering cases that start within the home, small fish with a huge impact. You don’t have to be in power to be powerful....Hey you only need a few people to believe in you to destroy generations of lives. 

Hell you only need your family to believe in you.

In Season 3 of Seven Deadly Sinners host Rachael O'Brien will be covering cases so dark, so corrupt, that she's honestly a little bit scared.  

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Now, let's close out eyes, bow our heads and buckle up.

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