Reimagining Office Space as a Service

Apr 12, 2021, 09:05 AM

There is a fundamental misunderstanding that changes to how we work, post pandemic, are merely an acceleration of trends that were already underway. Are we in fact witnessing the start of a revolution that will utterly transform the dynamics of the real estate industry?
As we move to hybrid working a variety of working patterns will emerge. How will we need to change the way we operate as individuals and as companies? How should companies pivot so that they are primarily thinking about real estate as enabling employees to be as happy, healthy AND productive as they can be? How should we think about 'space as a service' - where consumption reflects the needs of the 'customers' - the employees?
For this podcast Michael Creamer was joined by Antony Slumbers, Co-Founder at Real Innovation Academy. Antony has been a software development and technology strategist in commercial real estate since 1995. He now consults and works with real estate boards on transformation, technology and innovation. A well-known speaker in property, he is a globally recognised expert on PropTech and 'space as a service'.