Rose Ruane

Season 1, Episode 7,  Apr 27, 2021, 10:17 PM

This episode is a conversation with Rose Ruane.
Rose first settled in the East End with a flat in Haghill, then eventually moved into Dennistoun where she’s been a resident for many years. 

Rose is an author and so much more, her first book, This is Yesterday was published in 2019.  Rose is also studying for her doctorate at present, which we talk about towards the end of the episode.

Our conversation goes into Rose’s life in the area, her work and her thoughts on the changes to Dennistoun over the last years.

A special thank you to Helen Cassidy, who put Rose in contact with the podcast.
If you know someone who knows tales of Dennistoun, Sighthill or Haghill and you think they’d be willing to talk to us for the podcast, we’d love to hear from them!  I’d also love to speak to anyone from the diverse immigrant communities in the area, so please do drop us a line on
with any contacts you think would be willing to talk.  

One of the subjects we’re particularly interested in investigating is the role of Gaelic in the community.  If you’re a Gaelic speaker in the area and would like to talk to us, we’d love to have a natter.  If you know of any interesting Gaelic related stories or facts about the area, we’d also love to hear about them!  Bhiodh sin dìreach gasta!  

Photo of Rose by Tim Morozzo

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