Zak’s Sunday Roast, 30th May, analysis of stocks, markets by traders and investors.

May 02, 2021, 11:15 AM

Grab a coffee, settle down and listen to the guy’s view – thoughts covering this week in the markets. New and exclusive to Share Talk.

In this edition of “Sunday Roast,” Zak talks to experienced and seasoned investors Phil Carroll, Albert Arthur and Kevin Hornsby regarding the past weeks’ movers and shakers, market sentiment and crypto plus a round-up of some up and coming hot stocks from their portfolios. Our special guest today is David Lenigas

Sunday Roast:

18s Phil
29s Caerus (CMRS)
52s Forbes (FOR)
1m 25s Rambler (RMM)
1m 36s Valereum (VLRM)
1m 57m Introduction to David Lenigas
2m 49s David on VLRM, Bitcoin, Blockchain
6m 6s David on what VLRM is trying to do: coin mining, OTCQB, US interest
9m 12s David on creating an NFT for a global crypto stock exchange.
9m 32s Albert to David: what kind of risk strategy do you apply?
9m 42s David on Argo (ARB) and VLRM’s diversified crypto mining.
11m 03s Albert on the virtual NFT zone
12m 03s VLRM’s market cap vs peers
13m 58s David on NQ Minerals (NQMI) and Aquis - LSE mainboard?
20.30m Intro to Siam Kidd on
21m 10s NFTs
22m 0s Tesla (TSLA) stock tokens
23m 58s Tokenise business, NFT crowdfunding
26m 50s Albert asks: what will the FCA think of all this?
27m 15s Siam on the FCA
29m 10s Albert’s app
30m 30m David on licensed securities dealers and the FCA’s ban on crypto derivatives
31m 40s Albert on putting a blockchain stock in an ISA
32m 42s David on secure crypto wallets vs buying ARB, KR1, VRLM
33m 43s Phil: Crypto vs Gold?
34m 37s David on Crypto vs Gold and non fully backed tokens.
37m 00s Vinay Gupta’s Matereum passport wallet
38m 45s David on Digital Art, insurance wrappers, and the fiat world.
39m 50s Albert to David: what got you into this space?
40m 49s Albert to David: what were you doing before blockchain?
41m 16s David on Lonrho, Cambrian, fixing up companies. NQMI
42m 22s Albert on precious metals vs crypto
42m 42s Albert to David: are cryptos a new invisible precious metal?
42m 52s David on government debt.
44m 02s David on copper.
44m 59s Phil on copper
45m 16m David on EV’s and charging.
47m 17s David and Phil on easy copper, wokeness, new production.
48m 12s Phil on Caerus production figures.
48m 38s David on NIMBY, big projects, NQMI.
49m 27s Kevin to David: what is going to happen with copper?
51m 12s Kevin on Rambler (RMM)
51m 45s David on infrastructure, metals, debt and crypto.
55m 50s Siam’s look ahead: crypto for corporates - SEC filingsAPOL
60m 15s Siam on Binance, Ethereum, DeFi, the Google of the crypto space?
67m 37s David on Apollon (APOL)
68m 28s David on the EIB’s digital bond: blockchain too big to fail. The Apple and Google of crypto? Binance, Bitrex
70m 33s David on VLRM, NQMI and Aquis. Copper through $10,000
72m 19s Kevin on Zoetic (ZOE), RMM, CMRS, VLRM, MyHealthChecked (MHC)
73m 58s Albert on DeepVerge (DVRG), Scancell (SCLP), Futura Medical (FUM), Synairgen (SNG)
76m 20s Phil’s look ahead on Empyrean (EME)