#39 Perfecting Posture with Simon Town

Episode 39,  May 04, 2021, 09:00 AM

Our entire modern way of life adversely influences our postural position - where our bodies are out of balance and our muscles become both over active and under active. 

In this weeks episode Rachael & John are joined by Simon Town. After a life threatening accident at 16 Simon has endured PTSD, depression, drug and alcohol addiction, yet his remarkable story has served to become many other peoples survival guide.

His community interest company Roots of Yggdrasil helps people with their individual physical challenges and postural imbalances.

Beginning with a postural assessment, based on how you sit, where your head position is, even how you talk, you learn what your potential list of injuries might be, and how to avoid them through a tailored exercise programme.

Our whole kinetic chain is at risk of modern life, yet 10 minutes of proper corrective exercise personally tailored to the individual can prevent future injury. We make the comparison as to how coaching is very similar in helping people avoid unhelpful current and future behaviours. We discuss how leaders can help their teams by looking out for early warning signs and taking some positive action.

Rach and John run through a few simple exercises with Simon starting with hands & fingers that help with rheumatoid arthritis and carpel tunnel. We really enjoyed one of Simon’s favourite exercises which corrects forward head posture reducing risk of tension headaches and tightness in the upper chest.

Simon’s Leadership Essentials:

1. Lead by example - let your barriers down show some vulnerability

2. If someone has back issues send them for an assessment now

3. Take sometime out for yourself; get out a do something that means you are moving - even have a phone meeting in the park